Module List Detailed

Module 1: Traffic Evolution in Mobile Communications Networks

Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

  •     New Applications
  •     Internet of Things
  •     Cloud computing
  •     Mobile Data Growth
  •     5G Data drivers
  •     5G Use Cases
  •     ITU Requirements for 5G networks: IMT-2020
  •     5G 3GPP Standards: Release 15

Module 2: Introducing 5G

Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

3GPP Standards: Release 15

3GPP 5G New Radio (5G-NR)
  •     Rel-15 5G NR Options: Standalone and Non-Standalone
  •     Spectrum for 5G
  •     Multiplexing and multiple access
  •     Frame Structure
  •     Numerology
  •     Introduction to Massive MIMO
  •     Reference Signals
  •     5G Physical Channels
  •     Radio Interface Protocols

3GPP 5G Architecture
  •     3GPP 5G Architecture: Interface and Protocols
  •     5G Core Network Architecture
  •     Network Virtualization
  •     Cloud RAN
  •     5G Network Slicing