Premcell provide a complete solution in site. The technology has resolved so much and the objectives are already met with going from 2G, 3G and now 4G. The excitement is now on the arrival of 5G implementation. Though several countries are engagaed in 5G testing, 5G first test call etc. The 5G roll out is going to lie in USA. Implementation starts in October 2018 to be on air by 2020. Premcell is engaged in 5G planning and implementation in US.

Engineers working in Premcell provide expertise in all current and emerging wireless technologies such as:
  •     All Legacy Technologiies
  •     LTE Advanced
  •     LTE pro
  •     5G (Narrow land IoT, NFV, 3DN, Big Data, etc.)
  •     4G/5G Network arrangements and bench marking.

Premcell offers support to vendors and operators through different type of services including:
  •     Early Participation and support for 4G and towards 5G network planning and optimization.
  •     4G/5G BTS installation and commissioning .
  •     4G/5G Network measurements, analysis and bench marking for standard bodies, operators /    carriers  and vendors.

 Historically, Premcell was known for technology competency transfer for projects and technology training . From GSM days till current technologies Premcell Global is at the frequent on creating and delivering technology training.

On the Training Front, we are delivering on the following technology domains:
  •     4G
  •     4G Pro
  •     4G Advanced
  •     MIMO
  •     Aggregated Carriers
  •     5G
  •     IoT
  •     Narrow Band IoT
  •     NFV
  •     SDN
  •     Big Data